Who are we

The Faculty

Our faculty consists of professional lecturers with practical experience and a sound track record. Next to their role as lecturer in the management learning programs – providing insights – they also play a role as Allign consultant in the direct workenvironment of our customers.   


Fons Bonekamp / Bonekamp Consult  (member of Allign)
Ed Hooijschuur / Logis BV
Jaap Feddes / Credo Consultancy  (member of Allign)
Gabrielle Kleuskens / Inside Out  (member of Allign)
Pieter van Bommel / Competence Development Center  (member of Allign)
Emiel Felix / Insights Improves
Esther Lokhorst / Synercue  (member of Allign)  

The trainers / program managers / coaches

They focus on (training) skills and behaviors of participants 

Nicole van Hooij / van Hooij Advies  (member of Allign)
Henk van Hezel / hrd-advies  (member of Allign)
Vincent van Reusel / pelgrim  (member of Allign)
Ron Bours / Bours consulting  (member of Allign)
Wout Verwoerd / Verwoerd Consult