TOP/STEP learning trajectories (Organizational Excellence)

TOP / STEP learning programs are disciplin independent and are generally offered as customized in-company programs as part of a professionalization program (see also ‘Professionalization’). We offer various TOP/STEP learning programs each fouccing on the specific roles characteristic for a certain level(s) of your organization. These programs may be offered comprising all three ‘branches of (management) sport’ or focussing on one of these branches. 

In all cases we (preferably) provide the following elements: 

  • An upfront zero-measurement (symptomscan)
  • An awareness session for all people in the organization/strategic unit at the start of the professionalization program
  • Intake of the workenvironment (integral plan and business case)
  • A program manager who makes sure that all parts nicely fit and stay together
  • Intake of individual participants and their direct supervisor
  • A kick-off session in the work environment
  • 1-3 block (one for each ‘branche of sport;) consisting of alternating:
    • Generic modules (providing insights in the ‘game’ and various roles)
    • Specific modules (focussing on training relevant skills and behaviors)
  • ICC (Inter Co-worker Consultation) and peer reviews in between the blocks
  • Real Life Cases (if needed in combination with simulation excersises)
  • Progress reporting on results achieved in the workenvironment 

We may also provide the TOP?STEP learning programs inter-company for: 

  • Organizations that do not have sufficient participants to fill an entire learning program
  • Organizations that first would like to experience the TOP/STEP approach before deciding on a full in-company program 

The participants receive next to the learning program classes – together with their co-workers – on the job consultancy support of Allign consultants. It is strongly adviced in case of inter-company programs to have a number of people from the same department, project team of unit participate in the same program.