Our learning philosophy

The TOP/STEP learning philosophy is based on eleven (11) starting points that are used in design and execution of both individual and group learning programs that are part of Allign’s Integral Workforce Professionalization (IWP): 


  1. Strategy and Management Development (MD) are two guiding aspects for the individual learning programs within a TOP/STEP professionalization program
  2. Learning is providing meaning to experience
  3. Linking learning and performing
  4. Focus on roles rather than (only) positions
  5. There are three levels of learning: individual, team and organization
  6. Learning is foremost developing the learning capacity, requiring ability to carefully reflect
  7. Learning settings in two dimensions:
    1. On-the-job / off-the-job
    2. Planned / unplanned
  8. Transfer from learning to performing does not come automatically
  9. People are most open to learning when they are ‘conscious incompetent’; therefore educate and train people post (role/job) transition
  10. Learning settings are to be maximally steered based on alignment

Steering need to be done both on results (of the learning program) as well on the effect (of the professionalization) in the actual workenvironment