IvO Nederland

IvO Nederland is part of Allign. Allign is an alliance of consultancy firms and training institutes that provide integral support to customers covering all aspects of their business operations (see www.allign.nl ).  

IvO Nederland coordinates and provides all learning programs within the Allign alliance. This means that all learning programs are developed based on Allign’s Strategy Deployment philosophy. As a consequence their is a direct relationship between the learning objectives and strategic goals of the customer. Therefore learning programs are tailered to each specific customer. This effects both content and set-up: in-company or inter-company (heterogenous composition), a full learning program, individual cources/trainings or workshop/masterclass 

We provide both management insights and required management skills. We clearly distinguish between Organizational competences – determining the overall ‘the quality of the game’ and Individual competences, which determine the quality of individual players.

Our faculty take care of the Talent Development parts of an integral Allign TOP/STEP Professionalization program (STEP = Sustainable Total Excellence Program) in close cooperation with the Alligns consultants and coaches that provide support in the customers’ workenvironment. 

All members of Allign apply the same (SD) design principles and models, the same ‘language’ and the same definitions. The Program managers act as liason officers, securing the interrelation and unity of all activities among the various parties involved. 

IvO Nederland therefore provides everything in the area of Talent Development necessary to build and implement sustainable and profitable progessionalization programs